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Types of ERP Solution Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software system that was introduced to integrate all business activities such as, human resources, inventory management, manufacturing, distribution, ground maintenance, and quality control. Depending on the industry needs of the base of operations, different industries have different ERP solution systems. From small, mid-sized, and large corporations or businesses the need for ERP solutions is is growing fast as the need for easy manipulation of data is growing. There are hundreds of ERP solution systems, but we will mainly categorize them into three types ERP solutions systems.

Cloud-based ERP Solution SystemCloud ERP offers subscription pay services on period basis to businesses for general running of the ERP solution and storage of the data in the cloud. With advancement in technology, cloud-based ERP systems have advanced into three main categories: private, public, and hybrid.

Hybrid is a combination of one or more cloud-based ERP solutions systems. An example of a hybrid ERP is the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Private if the cloud is only used by one organization and public if the ERP is shared among different businesses.

Industry-specific ERP system.When an ERP solution software is specifically designed to meet your industry needs it will require less effort in customization as well as reduction in costs from various processes of manufacturing. Additionally the industry-specific ERP system offers more in-depth functionality of the ERP software system. The more the system software is tailored to your industry the more effective and efficient to carry out functions.

Small Business ERP System.Adoption of inappropriate or complex ERP solution software for small businesses may find the operations halted as the result of making misinformed choices. As a result, software developers have come up with ERP solutions software to meet small businesses accounting and related processes as well as, reduced cost of acquisition. ERP systems designed for small and SME’s businesses include but not limited to SAP Business One.

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